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Rent a bike with us and ride incognito. Our young staff will gladly guide you through all of our cities touristy musts and the local hangout spots. Remember, it's not the city that defines us, it's the experience within that makes us. Why not start by renting a bike in the bike capital of the world? Check our FAQ to find out what you need in order to rent a bike with us.

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We are located in the center of Amsterdam

Choose a different type of transportation than you are use to – because why not?

You are in Amsterdam after all! Let your first stop be our bike rental shop located right in the heart of the city. From here, you are only a short distance from the biggest street market in Europe, the museum district and Vondelpark . Visit the Anne Frank's house, a local beer brewery inside a windmill and much more. Our young staff are ready to give the best recommendations based on your interest whether it's your first, second or fifth time visiting!

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